5 Ways to Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day + Dog Car Safety Tips

Birthday for a dog of breed beagle. Happy dog eating delicious cake.

When Is National Spoil Your Dog Day?

Although many celebrate 365 days a year (and understandably so), the official calendar day for dog owners to really indulge and spoil their canine companions is August 10th. National Spoil Your Dog Day was created to recognize the importance that dogs have in our lives, encouraging all dog owners to spend a little extra time pampering their fur babies with treats, adventures, and belly rubs.

Why We Celebrate Our Canine Companion

Between going on daily walks to improve our health to making us smile even in the grimmest of times, dogs truly are man’s best friend. The special holiday honors the bond between dogs and humans, reminding pet owners to return the favor by loving and caring for their furry friends. Outside of the holiday, there will be a number of dog-friendly celebrations taking place throughout Long Beach and Los Angeles County; a list of events can be found here.


How to Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day

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There are many ways to partake in National Spoil Your Dog Day, but if you are running short on ideas or simply looking for new ways to celebrate, just remember that your dog’s favorite thing to do is spend time with you. Here are five ways to spoil your dog this year.

1. Prepare Some Delicious Doggie Snacks

Homemade dog treats are a healthier option to store-bought alternatives. Made with fresh and natural ingredients from local grocers, you can ensure your dog is ingesting a hearty, yet delectable snack. There are a number of farmer’s markets throughout Long Beach, including Bixby Park at 130 Cherry Ave., Marine Stadium at 5255 Paoli Way, Downton Long Beach at 4th St. and N. Promenade, and Alamitos Bay at 205 N. Marina Dr. Your furry friend can even tag along to help you pick up the ingredients. 

2. Get In Some Vitamin D at the Dog Beach

With the holiday taking place in the heart of summer, it’s the perfect time to take your doggo to the sandy SoCal beaches to bask under the August sun. Before heading out, ensure the location is a dog-friendly beach, like Rosie’s Dog Beach, and bring plenty of water to keep you both hydrated for the hot weather.

3. Take a Dog Ride and Go Explore

Elevate your regular routine, and go explore new terrains. Consider going for a walk or hike in neighboring cities, so your dog can take in new smells and sights. There are many dog-friendly state parks and hiking trails in California, so you are sure to find one that is perfect. Remember to check the weather forecast ahead of time, only stick to marked trails, pack snacks, and always bring a walking harness or leash.

4. Pick Up a New Toy… Or a Few

The speed of sound. The speed of light. All extraordinarily fast, but seemingly incomparable to an ecstatic pup’s tail wags when in pursuit of a new toy from the store. Letting dogs pick out their own toys is a fun and interactive experience. Let your dog sniff around the store until landing on the perfect match. If the experience appears to be overwhelming and your dog is hesitant, provide assistance by pointing out different options. Then, praise his or her selection.

5. Make New Friends at the Dog Park

Socializing with other dogs is another great way to celebrate. Go to the dog park and allow your dog to make another furry friend. Dogs love being outdoors and playtime. So, while there, introduce a new game and take advantage of the open space. A few ideas include fetch with a frisbee instead of a ball, hide-and-seek, or setting up an agility course. Exercise and playtime are great ways to improve health and happiness for both of you.


Dog Car Safety When Celebrating National Spoil Your Dog Day

Dog With Sticking Out Tongue Sitting In A Car Seat

Regardless of how you choose to treat your doggo for the day and beyond, remember that when traveling to your celebratory destination, maintain safety standards. Here are the best ways to keep your dog safe in the car. 

Get a Dog Car Harness for Seatbelts

Just like people, dogs should be strapped into seat belts or safety harnesses, keeping them securely fastened in the event of a crash. Car restraints are recommended for both small dogs and larger dogs. Generally, a safety harness is easy to use and can be set up by sliding a car seat belt through the harness loop.

Travel With a Plush Carry Box

Although tempting, it’s best not to allow your furry friend to co-pilot in the front passenger seat. And, under no circumstances should a pet sit in the driver’s lap. However, you can set up a cozy station in the back seat of the car. Plush bedding or a soft carrier can be used with a dog harness. Simply place it in the back seat before strapping your dog in.

Try a Back Seat Hammock

Built for comfort and practicality, backseat hammocks protect dogs of all sizes from falling off their seats in the event the driver must brake suddenly. Additionally, the hammocks work as a barrier, preventing your furry passenger from trying to sit shotgun in the passenger seat. Nonslip covers are the best option, as they prevent the hammock from sliding off the seat, which is particularly helpful for leather interiors.

Install a Barrier

Establishing a physical barrier keeps dogs and drivers safe. Similar to a hammock, a backseat barrier separates the dog and the driver, avoiding roaming paws from making their way to the steering wheel. Also, it is important to make sure the barrier is securely attached; check the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm the device is being used properly.


Additional Dog Car Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Dog sitting inside car on a driver's seat. Closeup photo

By following these tips, you can ensure your dog’s safety during a car ride. So, before heading out to celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day, make sure you take note of these safety precautions.

  • Keep in mind that not all pet safety products are regulated to government safety standards. So, some products may be listed as “crash-tested.” However, that does not always mean that they “passed” the crash test. Thoroughly research products and refer to online customer reviews before finalizing your purchase.
  • Schedule multiple stops to stretch and use the restroom when traveling on the road, especially if it’s a further distance than what your dog is used to.
  • Start with shorter journeys if you have a younger dog or puppy who is not used to car travel. Some dogs get motion sickness, so it’s best to slowly build their tolerance before taking them on a long trek.
  • Don’t feed your dogs while driving, as this would fall under distracted driving and could cause a car accident. Additionally, dogs have been known to choke while eating on the go. Instead, feed your dog before taking off.
  • Unpopular opinion, but it’s best to not let your dog hang out the window. It’s not safe, as it exposes them to flying road debris and can dry out their eyes.
  • Always have the air-conditioner on. Cars can get very hot for dogs, especially in the summertime, so keep the car well-ventilated.


Car Accident Prevention for Dog Owners

Another benefit dogs gift us is the power of responsibility, as they teach us how to be planners and implement regular routines so that we can properly care for them. Mindful car travel also falls within this role of going the extra mile to be responsible when traveling with pets. For additional safety tips, visit our blogs on car accident prevention and safety.

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